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And Im at it again! Coming up in September is the Spring Harvest Festival in Palmwoods, QLD, Australia. A celebration of food and art, it promises to be a great event! My exhibition will kick off on Friday 6th September at 5.30pm, in the Tin Shed behind Homegrown Cafe in Palmwoods. The exhibition will run until 14th September and will be open from 6.30am to 4pm daily.

loaf, bread, sourdough, perfect, blue bottle, pumpkin, basket, rustic, table, red

The exhibition is a series of paintings that reflect on the celebration of abundance and the corresponding responsibility we have for the stewardship of limited resources. This is especially important as we enter into unknown territory globally, with the effects of climate change being felt and experienced all over the world. It considers our ordinary, daily choices within this issue, and how little things are connected to much bigger systems which have a global impact for good or for bad.

Hope to see you there…Ill be around on the 6th and 7th September. Come meet the artist!



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Last weekend I made the trek down to Adelaide for the official launch of Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest! What a great night, lots of people and vibe! Great to hear more about the conception of the book and about how Lenore and Rosanne’s experiences in Pakistan shaped the story. Have you read the book yet?

At the official launch of Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest

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Come along and meet myself, Rosanne Hawke, and Lenore Penner, the creators of Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest at the upcoming book launch celebration!

When? Friday the 31st May, at 5.30pm for a 6pm start!

Where? Tabor Adelaide Hub, 181 Goodwood Road, Millswood, SA.

Enjoy the drawing activity!

Hear from the creators of the book on a chaired panel hosted by Mandy Foot (also and Author and Illustrator)!

Dress up in some Himalayan clothes!

Bring a favourite animal toy!

Listen to a reading of the story!

Hope to see you there!



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Exciting news! Your first glimpse of the long-anticipated, “Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest”! Being published by Wombat Books, and due for release in May 2019, it is fantastic to see the cover!

What do you think? I think its going to be amazing to see all the illustrations pull together as a book! Im looking forward to having a copy in my hands.

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Lara Cooper



I have a new exhibition opening on the 6th December! Would love you to get along…and there’s plenty of time, its open until the 5th February. Venue: Sarah’s Unplugged, 31 Maple St. Maleny, QLD., Australia.

“Mindful of Beauty is the latest exhibition for painter Lara Cooper, and her very first in Maleny.

The work is a collection of painting “snapshots”, each chosen to represent and draw attention to something beautiful about the ordinary parts of daily life. The exhibition is an invitation to linger in those moments, appreciating the things we often take for granted as we hurry by.”


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