Nice blurb!!


If only time were a little less constrained to the limits of, well, time. If we lived in a perfect world, Im pretty sure that creatives would find unlimited hours in which to ponder and set direction and create. Considering I have not picked up a paintbrush since Feb, and that was to paint someones wall….well…Im getting fidgety. Considering moving to a jungle, where I can escape a busy life and lets face it, really you need some pretty decent time to both dream and plan, as well as execute. And no I don’t mean execute as in terminate life. How do you juggle the demands of life and growth with your creative pursuit? I would really like to know…

Responses to Different and Ordinary – Art Exhibition

Hi all, and Happy New Year. To kick the year off (cause its not like artists need a holiday!) Im having my second art exhibition in January. Responses to different and ordinary, is well, my artistic responses to all kinds of subjects in watercolour, oil and acrylic. Variation seems to be how I roll! The question of which is a different subject and which is ordinary? Well, that is something for you, the viewer, to decide!

So, please drop in to the Ascot Theatre in Kadina, Copper Coast SA and view my exhibition from January 7th to February 1st 2013!


Painting time!

Im very happy to have some time to really get stuck into painting, and so I have for the last two days! I have been finishing off an oil I began way back in January, which has been staring at me with the death stare…finish me! So, that one is back on the go. However, I got t o a certain point today and needed to put my brush on and let things dry off a bit, so it was then onto a watercolour…again, it has been staring at me. I drew it up maybe a month ago? Finally got it painted today. Here it is…very colourful, dont you think?

Lots happening in November!

Well, Create! went off well and everyone had a great time! Lots of laughter, trying new things and enjoying just having a go. There were some really great achievements considering all were either brand new or relatively new to painting. I reckon we will need to do this again.

Erin, Sam and Catherine having a go!

Thanks to all who came along:)

The next thing on the agenda is to get along to the Moonta Gallery of the Arts for their November exhibition, “Asia”. I along with other local artists, have got work there on an Asian theme. Its also a cultural exhibit with some costumes and pieces belonging to me and Pamela who organised the exhibition. Well worth a visit!